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01-11-2013, 03:54 AM
These are all great suggestions. One thing I can add is that the web makers can't form webs if you are within 5k. So get up close to them and stop the webs. I fly a Recluse and use GW3 against them, once that grabs them I can take them out pretty fast with my Borg Anti- Protons. I equip tractor beam, and tractor beam mines to keep them where I want them.

If you do find a web forming around you, stop moving. Go up to any one web node and shoot it which will release 1 web panel, then fly through it with ease. You will get out of the web before it collapses. The web takes a few seconds longer to collapse than it takes you to do these steps. You'll find it collapses after you have escaped.

For me it's fun to use GW3 to stop a bunch of ships in their tracks and then form a web around them. Repulsors and tractor beams work great against their fighters.

Don't fly to the center of the attack. Fly off to the side and destroy the Tholians a few ships at a time.

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