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11-20-2012, 06:14 PM
cause it allows me to work as an off-tank to the primary tank and gives the tank a short break... but its there mostly cause I could not think of anywhere else to spend the points
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01-11-2013, 11:35 AM
First, you should decide if you go for a pvp or a pve build. You never have enough points if you go for the pvp.

Second, any pvp damage dealing ship should have a TT (at least). You run something that is the least useful in pvp, a hybrid not dealing enough damage to be a real threat, not doing enough heal to be a real saver and not doing enough CC to be a real support. You should decide what role you want to fit in and re-do your build.

As a personal note, the best role for a F-DSSV would be healer/tanker (depending pvp/pve).
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05-02-2013, 09:34 AM
Im only a casual player but eventually settled on the Fleet DSSV, im a FED Engineer but prefer flying Science ships after playing around with many ships/setups ive settled for the following which ofc wont be supreme/awesome but more than enough for me in STF's and casual play in general.

Fore - 3x ADV Fleet Antiproton Beam Array Mk XII (Acc x2 - Dmg x2)
Aft - 2x Fleet Antiproton Beam Array MK XII (Acc x2 - Dmg x2) 1x Kinetic Cutting Beam MK XII (2 Set combined with Borg A/Console)

Deflector: Borg Assimilated XI (Full 3 set to aquire Borg Tractor Beam)
Engine: Borg Assimilated XI
Shield: Borg Assimilated XI

Engineering Consoles:
3x Neutronium Alloy XI
39.9% - Kinetic, Disruptor, Plasma, Antiproton
34.6% - Phaser, Tetryon, Polaron
Hull: 43,072 - Repair Rate: 272.2 %/Min
All Facing Shields: 13,319 - Regen: 494.7/6 Sec
Bonus Defense: 53.3% (At Full Impulse/Full Turn)

Science Consoles:
2x Field Generator XI, 1x Assimilated Module, 1x Graviton Generator XI (ShH -Th), 1x Particle Generators XI (HuH, -Th)

Tactical Consoles:
2x Antiproton Mag Regulator XI
Bonus Accuracy: 15%
Crit Change: 3.4%
Crit Severity: 59.1%
Flt Speed: 21.37
Turn Rate: 19 deg/sec (Full Impulse)

Bridge Officers / Abilitys:

Tactical - Lt: Tactical Team I, Beam Fire At Will II
Engineering - Lt: Engineering Team I, Aux Power To Emergency Battery I
Engineering - En: Emergency Power to Shields I
Science - Cmdr: Transfer Shields Str I, Polarize Hull II, Tractor Beam Repulsors II, Gravity Well II
Science - LtCmdr: Tractor Beam I, Scramble Sensors I, Gravity Well I

Duty Officers
Space: Energy Wpns Officer, technician, Deflector Officer, Tractor Beam Officer, Gravimetric Scientist

Captain Skills @ MAX
Starship Wpn Training, Driver Coil, Starship Hull Repair, Starship Shield Emitters, Starship Energy Weapons, Structural Integrity, Starship Subsystem Repair, Starship Warp Core Efficiency, Starship Shield Systems, Starship Maneuvers, Starship Targeting Systems, Starship Impulse Thrusters, Starship Warp Core Potential, Starship Graviton Generators, Starship Hull Plating, Starship Shield Performance, Starship Energy Weapon Specialization

Captain Skills @ Partial:
Starship Engine Performance @ 3
Starship AUX Performance @ 3


AFAIK im not really specialized for anything, just wanted a decent bit of survavability, able to crowd control in STF's (i tend to avoid elites as i hear science ships are a bad choice as firepower rules and it cripples your team) hense using 2x grav wells seeing as i tried all other variants of science abilities and their all pretty weak so just using 2x grav wells, using the Mk II when able, or Mk I if its off cooldown long before the Mk II. Firepower ofc isnt stellar but its not bad if i pop aux to battery, tac team, then fire at will, lob in a grav well, wait for them to pull in then fire off scramble sensors. Using an Eng character with a science boat with what i feel is a good amount of survivability/CC and average firepower seems to work well for me.

If anyone has a pretty good or better variation of what im trying atm id love to hear what others have done with this particular ship, or if you can suggest alterations to my setup in general i'd appreciate some different options from people who play more often than me.


EDIT: i have no idea how to show you my ingame DPS, i see others mention it on the forums now and then but i have no idea how to find or display it so cant add to my stats above.

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05-02-2013, 10:12 AM
OP: Bank Fore and Array Aft?

I'm curious on your decision for this set up.
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