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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Torp Spread and Fire At will are good useful skills even in Infected Space. You just have to use them right. A carefully aimed tricobalt spread can waste a group of probes and heavily damage spheres.
Fixed it for ya, (no, no need to thank me...) here's a little observation, though...

TS/FAW/CSV all have their places-mostly in Infected, or guarding the time-gate in Khitomer.

They don't work so well in CSE. (Cure, Space, Elite, aka Cure Found Elite) nor do they do good service in the first stage of Hive Onslaught. getting focus-fired by several TAC cubes AND spheres isn't fun, and generally they tend to move as a group and act like a team when AOE moves go-Hive Onslaught (elite) punishes Area-spamming hard.

Likewise, CSE one can guage about how many minutes to mission fail by how many people are spray-and-pray at an up-angle at the stack-see, what happens is, first, they wake the Cube up, so it's already 'ready' to nail your interception man when it releases the next wave of BoP. Second, the damn spread-fire, when/if it actually gets more than one nannie, will do it first-row-second-row, spawning the first Negh'var, AND the first Raptor, both of whom will proceed to notice the area-spammer unless he's got a team-mate unfortunate enough to be within 10k.

You havent' SEEN funny, until the team's down two in Respawn, there are two Negh'vars, four A-Bops, and two Raptors closing on the Kang, and all three cubes are still standing...and the next SIX BoPs are already spawning..and there's a grand total of four Nannies down-two on Right and two on middle, the Cubes (all three) are AWAKE, making it a pain in the ass for anyone still trying to work probes...

except maybe when it was THREE "experts" AOE'ing THREE cubes, so you have THREE Negh's, each on a different vector, with escorts, and TWELVE bops coming assuming the team can get it together long enough to stop the first wave from reaching the kang.

AOE, on CSE, is idiocy for anyone NOT doing solo-Kang-Guard duty.

Beyond that-yes, 'tis possible to beat CSE without waiting until all the probes are down before killing the cube-but that is made considerably more difficult if the first cube you take down?

is the centre one.

RML only works with a good team specced the right way, who've got excellent communication between team members running the right builds, skills, and powers to pull it off.
It works, because you "Narrow" your front-less transit time to intercept the spawns and a better chance to use team-healing and focus-fire. Zipper the middle cube, and now you've got a divided front, less firepower and cooperation available to control the spawn, plus now you have to chew through both stacks-and do so before the Kang is toast.

wider frontage to cover is BAD, you want to narrow the channel, not broaden it, as the power of the spawn increases (along with frequency.)
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