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01-12-2013, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by lordcorrino View Post
Fleet Torkhat (Vorcha). The feds have nothing like it. Slap a pair of RCS consoles on it and arm it with all DHC and Turrets and enjoy a true battlecruiser. Great ship. I rolled a TAC just to be able to fly this ship to its capacity.
Each time someone equips RCS consoles on this ship, the Egg Bringer sheds a tear.

Do not need. Put something in there somewhat useful. EPS or something. Leave it empty if you have to. Just don't RCS it.

EDIT: As a little aside there's also a doff now that when you use Emergency to Engines it gives a boost to ID. It really seems to make my Fed Assault Cruiser extra zippy. I mean if you were THAT concerened over movement in this ship I'm SURE you'd be using that ability anyway so maybe just one of those doffs would put minds at rest.

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