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[9:59] [Combat (Self)] Tholian Tarantula's Tholian Web Cannon dealt 3909 (27195) shield damage to you.
[9:59] [Combat (Self)] Tholian Tarantula deals 33238 (60433) Physical Damage to you with Tholian Web Cannon.

This happened within a single second, I get webbed, disabled and dotted by the same skill. Every time that thing hits me, I blow up. Worse of all, this was a CANNON. Ie, UNAVOIDABLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, nothing like the visible Borg torps that rightfully can deal this kind of damage.

I'm fully loaded in Borg XI gear with weapon and shield power at 125 because of Aux2batt and EPtS, flying at full thrust on top of all that.

I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Nothing other than an fleet cruiser or Oddy can survive that kind of bull.
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01-12-2013, 07:27 PM
Working as intended.

You HAVE to take out the support ships first otherwise the Tarantulas WILL decimate you in a single shot.

The Tholian red alert requires strategy, you can't just run up in there and faceroll them.

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