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# 1 Better balance?
01-12-2013, 10:08 PM
So I was listening to horizon and he brought up a good point. Players in this game are so passionate about who they are, their fleet, and the game it self. This causes conflict within the community. Most of the conflicts are not because one person beat them or a team beat them it is because they used this broken skill on me. PVP balance is important in all games and is hard to achieve when making stuff for PVE then trying to adapt PVP..

I think as a whole if there was better balance in the game there would be less conflict between people. But this is not a excuse for some of what I have seen in the community in all type of fleets may it be RP, PVE, or PVP. It is a game...

I have played many games (all I pvped) conflicts were mostly trolls and did not go any further. They never got as heated as this game does and most of it is over this skill that skill regardless of what it is and 99% of the time it is a broken skill... I am not going to just point a finger at cryptic for this because just cause they give you the gun to fight a baby does not mean you should use it.

Just a suggestion for devs to ponder!
The first mmorpg ever made would make a skill for pvp then adapted the pve to the skill sometimes some skills were a bit to strong and all they did was lower the skill damage or ability then lowered the AI resist against the said skill if it worked fine vs AI.

Better Balance = Better fun!

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