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01-13-2013, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The why are so many feds spawning camping the zone respawn/KDF spawn point in Ker'ret all the time if its the KDF whom are "more" guilty?
This thread and this post is sounding more like another complaint against Premades versus PuGs and even a little against the KDF.

Is that the true intention of your post? Just to kick up the old PuG versus Premade, KDF versus feds, PvE versus PvP antpile?

Have some players become such wimps that they cant simply identify the actual issues with PvP so they just complain its the Premades, PvP in general or the mean ol'KDF fault?
That is a design flaw, becaus the game makes everybody spawn in the same spot at reset of mission. That makes it easy for people to spawn camp. I wish they would redo War Zone all toghether because it doens't follow the current narrative of Klingon and FED when it comes to borg. Maybe they should make the NPC's Trueway forces because they do operate in the Neutral Zone and they are enemies with both the Klingons and Fed.

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