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01-14-2013, 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by hithereyou View Post
Hi All,

Here's an update.

We've tried internally reproducing the problem on two different pieces of Intel hardware (HD3000 & 4000, IIRC), on two drivers, with no luck.
There doesn't seem to be a driver issue with HD3000 as I've used two different computers with the latest drivers and have had no issues with the game crashing the driver. However, the HD2000 seems to be the one causing the issue as I had issues with it until I downgraded my driver to 11/28/2010. That version of the driver fixed the crashing on my laptop with HD2000 but obviously I would like to use the latest drivers as those are 2 years out of date now.

It would be interesting to see if its people with the original Intel HD and HD2000's that are causing the driver crash, as I haven't seen anyone specifically report issues with HD3000/4000's.

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