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The exact same thing is going to happen. Everyone has their own opinion of what should be allowed and what shouldnt.

But here is a obvious issue. If you can not police it then you cant have it as a rule.

In other words it very hard to tell what the opponent has when it comes to consoles and doffs.

So it cant happen guys.

My honest opinion. Play it with everything allowed. Yes it might become a tric war. But you know no one is cheating.

STO has to fix itself. We cant sit here and fix it ourselves and expect conflict like what happen not occur again and again.

Until then you can fight over what doffs you can have or what consoles. In the end you are allowing conflict to infect you on a system you can not control. In the end you lost friends and your own temper.

Sorry just being honest.

PVP isnt broken. It works as intended my Cryptic. So unless Cryptic fixes it it wont improve. Dont try to make the game what it isnt.

Disclaimer - I also would like alot of the great ideas part of our pvp game. I do think Trics are too powerful and some powers just ruin pvp. But its the way it is. We cant police it so why try.

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