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01-14-2013, 02:12 PM
Personal attacks should be left out on this thread please (I am the OP).

My point is everyone is going to have a different take on what balance is. I agree that there are a lot of problems that make the game imbalanced. Its needs a constant approach by the devs to allow this to happen. Right now we have what we have. Play with it.

You CAN NOT expect people to agree what balance is. We are not game designers. We only know the windows of what we know about the game. Its Cryptic's responsibility to bring balance. Not a bunch of guys on TS.

As an IT professional I can tell you also that you can not make a policy or rule unless you can enforce it. It make no sense not to allow a DOFF when you can not prov he is using it. Even if you could with video you would end up creating conflict that may or may not be valid. It would be time consuming and bring a negative light.

POINT - If you want a tournament with Cryptic. Play the game according to what is allowed within the programming. Which means everything is allowed unless Cryptic disallows it with programming.

Cryptic, I wouldn't advise hosting a tournament until you can find balance. Not perfect balance but some sort of curve to it. Some sense of logic.

With that being said. If you want a tournament right now just do it. Do it with the mind set that everything is allowed. Its been said before even if you have that ability good teams can still beat you. Yes good teams will be beaten by lesser skilled people due to some power, but I sense 9 times out of 10 a good team will prevail. If not then its ok. The game is what it is.

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