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I queued up for 3 different normal STFs hoping to get into 1 of them. The last STF I queued for was Khitomer Vortex. Immediately the enter window popped up but......the "Enter" and "Leave" buttons were missing and it said that I was entering the mission with the 10 second countdown timer and didn't give me a choice. No 60 second timer for me to click the "Enter/Leave" buttons before removing me from the queue automatically.

Edit: Forgot to mention, after entering the mission I received the window with the "Enter" "Leave" buttons for Khitomer Vortex (the mission I just entered) but didn't click either.

Once I entered I had that bug "You will be removed from the map in 10 seconds" as if I entered a just finished mission. I wasn't auto assigned to the team either. The mission hadn't even been started yet. The first cube you have to fight was in front of us and all the gates were still up.

After it threw me out I tried queuing up for it again hoping to get in with that team to replace their missing member, if they were. I received an error saying that I was already part of a Khitomer Vortex team when I was actually standing in ESD.

I logged out and back in and that didn't fix it. I exited the game and that didn't fix it either.

I tried queuing for a different STF and that's when I got this message: [System] [PvPGeneral] You are temporarily banned from joining or creating public queues.

Players said I have the leaver penalty. I can't enter any STFs at all due to a stupid glitch in the game that has been around since season 7 launched. I have no idea how long this penalty is suppose to last. The only thing on cooldown in the PVE queue was Cure Space which was the last STF I actually completed.

Thanks a lot Cryptic.

Edit: I see it now. In red text at the bottom of the PVE queue window. Leaver penalty. I didn't leave. The game glitched and I had no choice. Not to enter the mission or even to leave.

Edit 2: Apparently I can't join ANYTHING in the PVE queue until the leaver penalty is over. I thought that only prevented you from joining STFs, hence "STF Leaver Penalty" at the bottom of the friggen window.
I went to the Delta Quadrant and the Kazon stole my stupid T-shirt. Also, my pet hamster that died when I was a kid is now a Kobali.

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01-14-2013, 06:46 PM
Remembering now I ended up in Infected: The Conduit STF, not Khitomer Vortex. But for some reason the PVE queue thought I was part of a Khitomer Vortex team. It's possible the game put me in the wrong STF.
I went to the Delta Quadrant and the Kazon stole my stupid T-shirt. Also, my pet hamster that died when I was a kid is now a Kobali.
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01-23-2013, 08:27 PM
I feel your pain.

The same thing just happened to me... I logged in, started to queue for three different omega missions, and the first one I clicked on was accepted. Weird thing was, there wasn't the usual "confirm/deny" option that you get when choosing to join an STF, it simply gave me the 10 second "game starting" countdown.

When the STF started, I found that I wasn't grouped with the rest of the players, and the game was counting down as if I had beaten the mission. I was booted out, and handed a one hour STF ban.

This system is in dire need of an overhaul. The bans don't stop people from leaving (every third Omega PUG I'm in ends up with someone leaving because the group doesn't make the optional), and now they're being indiscriminately applied to undeserving players. I say scrap the ban system altogether and make the queues search for existing groups as well as new ones.

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