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01-14-2013, 08:34 PM
Originally Posted by blznfun View Post
And to set the record STRAIGHT, I am more than just a "PvE'r". I take advantage of all this game has to offer unlike some who are have their brain stuck so far up in the dark they can't really see things for how they are or know what they are doing.

So please, next time you think someone is just a "PvE'r", don't...
You argue like a PvEer. A PvPer would see the reasoning behind the dislike of these pets.

You've done nothing in this thread to counter the notion that pets shouldn't be able to use VM in PvP matches. You just chimed in with some spiel about "learning how to change tactics."

As if something that has such a powerful ability on tap necessitates a change in tactics. Mai has a point though, VM has an opportunity cost on Science Vessels and is balanced by its cooldown and use of doffs to better it.

Taking a call in and being able to get VM casted sidesteps that a bit. If you can't see why that is a bad thing, then clearly you're not a PvPer.

Click here and here if you are interested in learning more about PvP.

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