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# 1 ( Eryon ) PvP Tournament Info
01-14-2013, 09:27 PM
Hi guys,

this is Eryon. As I said I won't give up and give it another go. We have talked about this today on my TS3. For those of you who weren't there I explain real quick what will happen next.

- new pvp tournament ( beta phase - testing ground ) - after or before 4Monkey's one

- Space and Ground tournament

- rules comitee team will decide rules

- rules comitee team will be 2 representatives of each team which participates

- those people are now helping me support/mediate the tournament

1. Pug FES
2. Sargon The300/110th/Xtreme
3. Diablo SVK Elite
4. Shift Nova Core
5. Trinity TSI
6. Yoda TRH
7. Herb ( Naz ) Sad Pandas

Now please feel free to open a team ( fleet or team ):
( Put in as many people as you like - I know that you are not aware of the rules yet - If you don't like them feel free to delete your team later on again )

What I need is as follow:

@handle of all your team mates
Space or Ground or Both

Please be civil and just register your team nothing else!

Nova Aurora Polaris
- Nova Aurora Polaris -

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