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01-15-2013, 09:58 AM
I'm a new player and one visit to Ker'rat was enough for me. On my only day there, I was ganked unmercifully three times. I never saw the person(s) that attacked me the first two times. Twice while trying to run the mission, I was blasted out of space as soon as a Borg cube engaged me. At the time, I didn't realize what was happening until I thought about the multiple green rays hitting me in addition to white.

To add insult, a fellow federation ship attacked me soon after I respawned. I couldn't understand how or why until I began reading these forums and learned about the "bug". I guess the gank was taking too long for him because he warped away after we traded fire for a while.

I usually go out of my way to avoid PVP and I take full responsibility for not thoroughly understanding what Ker'rat entailed. I do remember reading the mission text about it being a "Warzone" but I don?t recall seeing the words open PVP. My mistake if I missed them.

I do know that I'm not going back to Ker'rat or anything similar. It's just not my idea of fun. At the time I was ganked, I was peeved enough to quit the game but fortunately for me I continued and discovered Ker'rat is not the norm.

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