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01-11-2013, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
Short term:

-make available a c-store variant or fleet variant of raptor having 10 consoles from which 5 tactical
It should have a turn rate equal to fleet tactical escort retrofit which has cloak and 5 tac consoles.
It would give some balance in fvk pvp
The fleet Defiant does not have a cloak. It's capable of using a cloak console from a separately-bought c-store ship. That's not in any way the same as a ship with built-in cloak.
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Originally Posted by warpangel View Post
The fleet Defiant does not have a cloak. It's capable of using a cloak console from a separately-bought c-store ship. That's not in any way the same as a ship with built-in cloak.
You are right.Forgot that.
Then it should be a 10 consoles smaller raptor/bigger b'rel from which 5 tactical and the cloak in this case should be a universal console as it is at fleet defiant.
(There is the k'vort in cannon wich is supposed to be a bigger b'rel)
It should not have the axis-turning point problem that actual raptors have.

A similar configuration equal with fed version would be :

4 fore
3 aft
33 k hull
50 crew
17 turn rate
2 device
0.9 shield mod
2 eng console,5 tactical consoles,3 science consoles
3 eng console,5 tactical consoles,2 science consoles

The cloak should be a universal console too.

The price just to be fair would be ~ 2500 zen+20k fleet credits if it is a fleet version.
To be fair with Cryptic as c-store version it could go up to 5000 zen

Tactical consoles are the only one's which percent increase is constant against base damage that is why i think they are important to be available for both sides.

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1. Short Term: Release Ambassador-Class ASAP

2. Short Term: Lower possible registry numbers. Talk to CBS if necessary and close away those registry numbers taken by canon vessels. It's annoying that everbody starts with NCC-9XXXX, except he have a NCC-XXXXXX with 6 numbers. Maybe you want that if we use lower numbers, everything lower then NCC-80000 ist automatically with an -A or whatever. But I'd love to have a NCC-74XXX or something like that.

3. Short Term: Release the Typhoon Class as playable ship. Waiting for it since Beta testing now.

4. Mid Term: Bring Romulans as own faction playable.

5. Mid Term: Change that blue LCARS to orange like the Belfast bridge or login screen. Its Star Trek, and not in the 23rd century. Blue is odd, orange is <3.

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Short-Term to Mid-Term:

A. Improve the Aquarius' AI so that it will avoid 3km from the point of target's destruction. Aswell as allow it to engage but once it reaches a min distance of 3km it turns around to flee to 9km before turning around again to re-engage. Also let it flee should its shields get reduced to zero. Or...
B. Implement carrier commands for it or...
C. Improve the Odyssey set bonus to 50% up from 25% or...
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Good day;
I have but one request and at least in part it has already been mentioned, but the more the better right?

My request is access to all character pieces no matter what faction you are playing. For example if i wish to create a reptilian race in the Federation i cannot without Gorn body parts. The imaginative possibilities would be far more possible if we had acess to all pieces including clthing on both sides.


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I have no short term or medium term requests but i have 2 long term requests. 1. Make it so ALL Omega Force Armour is a costume to the character because i spent a long time in and out of Elite Lobby's trying to get this kit and to find out that i had wasted my time was unbelievably annoying. Please add this to ALL Omega, Honour or MACO Armours from Lv X to XII And 2. Please make the ground combat more exiting like moving fire and reaching for cover.
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01-14-2013, 01:01 PM


Long term: Can you break down Patch updates Cryptic as I got a new PC for Xmas and its taking forever to download them, I nearly quit the game althgether!

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There is a lot of lore, culture, available franchise content, et cetera.
It is a much better sandbox to play in and design for than the rigid and mundane Federation/Starfleet is.

Populate the Klingon world(s). Increase interactivity. Shape their environments.
Introduce more culture oriented playable and some repetitive content to consume.
Breathe life onto it. Make it feel and play more organic.

That is all.

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Expended $1,961 USD on this game - regretting it all. This game and some of its staff disappointed me, time and again, per every single cent spent!!!
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1a. A PvP personal reputation faction.

1b. A personal reputation system where you can put your extra BOFFs in command of vessels in some sort of single player fleet combat. There are clearly way more BOFF being spawned in the game now than is needed and there should be a good outlet for all those spares.

I suspect that both of those are likely in the works anyway from all that has leaked out. Both make sense, and only expand the range of options for what players want to do. Since it seems those are likely forthcoming, we can call those medium term.

2. Short term: More non-uniform costume options across the board. And more KDF uniforms as well. Generally seems like a ton of options here are being left on the table that people would happily pay Zen for.

3. Long term/short term/medium term/any term: It also goes without saying KDF should be selectable from the start, and from level 1. Part of the reason so many people stick with FED is because you HAVE to start as one and you end up getting "attached" to that character. If KDF was better developed, things would rebalance themselves over time naturally. 100%.

I have zero desire to see another faction until those things are all taken care of personally. Rather have two fully developed factions than 1 sort-of-complete and 2 obviously-not-complete ones.

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I can't remember, but I thought you could split a stack of items when depositing and withdrawing from banks. Please bring this back, or incorporate it into the game. It makes fleet bank transactions more manageable when a limit on withdrawing is in place.

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