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# 1 Lack of Swag?
01-16-2013, 08:36 AM
Why does STO not have more out-of-game swag?

Seeing as how CBS are rampant capitalists
Proof, example one: Trek bottle opener set
(there used to be even a Trek pizza cutterfor realz)

Why doesn't CBS offer more real-life swag based on STO? To my knowledge, there is none outside of the game. It seems to me, they're missing out on an opportunity not just to make more money off the game, outside of the game, but also to promote the game through out-of-game merchandise available at the ST site's online store.

I play another game (which I'd love to tell you about-but it's a SecreT) that recently went FTP even quicker than STO (Blame marketing- tha game is top-notch), and they're already licensing out-of-game swag in the form of t-shirts and hoodies.

STO has been out damn near 3 years now? Still no swag? What gives?
needs moar CBS support. articles in Trek mags- don't cut it IMO.

Not just t-shirts, hoodies, and caps- what about collectibles? The most obvious candidate to translate into collectible merchandise is ships.

Why not ship models based on in-game ships? This has been adressed before, but really, i if ST fans get this (note the Minimates ship, the cut-away ship)

What's to say that ship models based on in-game ships won't sell?

At this point, I'd like to point out that you can sell a rock with something Trek on it.


This thread was spawned out of a thread in the KDF forums, where KDF'ers were citing the amount of money invested in fan-made (not out of a catalog) costumes and costume accessories, as a reason for more shinies from the C-store (in-game costumes and stuff).

Their argument, paraphrased, was that a KDF-fan's willingness to invest the time and money in creating a cosplay costume is proof that KDF'ers are die-hard fans, (which, trust me, THEY ARE) and they are willing to support their faction (in-game, and out of game <with the cosplay>) however there are simply no venues in which to do so (lack of official KDF cosplay costumes, lack of KDF stuff in-store).

TL; DR- "If you make it, a Trekker will buy it." This goes for more KDF goodies in the C-store, as well as out-of-game officially licensed swag.

What are some of your thoughts pertaining to STO merch? What would you like to see?
Ship models? T-shirts/ hoodies / fitted caps?

A rock with the Vesta emblazoned on it?

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