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01-16-2013, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by kingstonalan View Post
Aux DHC (1327 dps)
Aux DHC (1327 dps)
Hypertorp (1163 dps ;not including plasma burn stack, nor projectile doffs)

Disruptor Turret Mk XI [Dmg]x2 (275 dps)
Disruptor Turret Mk XI [Dmg]x2 (275 dps)
Photon Mine Mk XII [CrtH]x2 [Dmg] (736 dps)

GW3 (1421 dps)
QFFC (4294 dps)

shields: MACO Mk XII
engines Adapted MACO Mk XII
deflector: Adapted MACO Mk XII

universal consoles: QFFC, Neutronium XI
science consoles: Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Fermion, Particle Gen XII, Particle Gen XII
tactical consoles: Phaser Relay rare Mk XI x2 , Phaser Relay very rare Mk XI x2

With my setup...I can do 10,818 dps! Add in pets, APbeta, TT1, T:HY, Disruptor proc, Plasma stack, projectile doffs, talking bigtime DPS!
lol. I did not just sum my numbers together. I parsed over a full STF lol. you will get at best 6-8k DPS with that setup

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