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01-16-2013, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by deyvidkdf View Post
The Gateway never loads for me on my smart phone. It loads great on my PC in both Firefox and Chrome, but it hangs on the "Accessing Player Files" on my phone and never displays my character information.

I input my correct login information, and it accepts it then goes to the "waiting" screen but I've let it sit for several minutes and it never accesses my characters.

Phone is Nokia Lumia 710, Windows phone.
Same with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (haven't tried it on the phone yet). I agree with captw, phone and tablet internet browsers are still kinda clunky; Gateway should've been an app all its own on the iTunes and Play Stores.

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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This is the Star Trek Online Gateway feedback and discussion thread! Please post any comments or feedback you have about the system here!

What is the Star Trek Online Gateway?

Star Trek Online Gateway is a web application which lets you look at your captains, ships, bridge officers, and other data from STO. Eventually, you will be able to interact with Star Trek Online through Gateway without logging in to the full 3D client.

The purpose of Gateway is to let players into Star Trek Online without needing to start up the full client.

Visit http://gateway.startrekonline.com to access the STO Gateway.


Star Trek Online Gateway is in early Beta, and we look forward to hearing what you think about it. Let us know what you're thinking by commenting below in this forum thread.

If you have technical issues or experience any bugs such as problems using Gateway with your web browser or device, please let us know by posting to this forum thread. Please let us know what operating system and browser (including version numbers) you are using. If you are using a mobile device, let us know which one.

Also, take a glance at the Known Issues below for a list of things we already know about.

Browser Requirements

  • Gateway is tailored to work on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices supporting HTML5.
  • Gateway has been verified to operate on recent versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It may work on earlier versions of these browsers. It does not work on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.
  • Gateway requires the use of cookies.
  • Gateway requires the use of Javascript.

Login Issues

You must log in to a Perfect World account to use Gateway. If you don't have one, you will have to create one first. If you have a Cryptic account, but not a Perfect World account, you will need to create a Perfect World account and link it to your Cryptic account before using Gateway.

Click here to create a new account or link an existing account.

Click here for more information on account linking.

Cookie Usage

  • A cookie is used to keep track of your session while you using Gateway. This is a "session cookie" and is not kept after you leave the page.
  • A second, persistent cookie is also used by Account Guard to determine if the particular browser install is authorized for use with your account. This cookie contains no account information.

Known Issues

  • Gateway does not work on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.
  • Character changes that occur in the client are not immediately updated on the web. You must log out and back in to see the changes.
  • Pictures of bridge officers do not show the officer in their chosen stance.
  • Pictures of ships do not show additions or changes that come from equipment (e.g. Borg equipment, etc.)
  • Though Gateway uses the language preferred by your browser, there is some text that is not yet translated. Gateway supports the same languages Star Trek Online does: English, German, and French.
  • Some players may see their shuttle instead of their ship -- a fix is in the pipeline that will have the Gateway always show your ship.
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Originally Posted by lostpinky101 View Post
The Gateway is a great idea looking a bit into the future though can you confirm that:

The Gateway will be a platform for external websites to retrieve STO based info for use on other sites.

I run a website for my fleet which I would love to be able to make a RESTFUL or SOAP web service call to the Gateway to retrieve current info including fleet rank about a certain profile and have my websites Access Control Level updated for that user.


So Joe.Blog@joeblogs might be a registered handle on my website and he has a website rank of level 1.
When I promote Joe.Blogs within my fleet that information is available by Gateway and when my site next retrieves that info it then allows a workflow to run that will update the user's rank of my fleet site.

Is the exposure of an API like this a possibility in the future?
That would be awesome. (But stay away from SOAP, it's old and dying. REST would be just fine, and the way to go these days.)

Make it secure by requiring interested users register for appIDs, then restrict those API calls by domain (so they don't get retrieved by other sites) and limit how often the data can be retrieved so developers are "encouraged" to cache the data and not hammer the site with requests. Enable support for multiple fleets (can be useful for KDF branches for example) but limit them to the fleets the user has characters in.

Just some ideas.
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01-18-2013, 12:58 PM
The Gateway is a nice idea, but I do have problems with my IPod Touch:

I load the page and enter my PWE account information. Save Browser and cookies are activated.

But then I always have to check my E-Mail account for the new activation numbers.

Gets boring while doing this a few times.
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01-19-2013, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
I realize this has been brought up roughly 7 billion times (or so I'm guessing, only read 2 pages of this thread), but being able to access and use this for DOFF assignments would be totally amazing. I often log on the full client just for DOFF, but I do have overall limited bandwidth and this would burn far less, over the long term. And it would just generally be a fantastic feature. It would be very welcome.
Although I understand the sentiment and sympathize concerning bandwidth, the Gateway should not be used to facilitate DOff assignments. The Gateway should not be a proxy for actually playing the game ... in my opinion

But rather, it should do for DOffs, what it's currently doing: providing a means to overview the DOffs you have.
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Any ideas on how long gateways current maintenance is going to last, it's been in maintenance since Thursday night, it's now Monday.
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Originally Posted by dazzaj View Post
Any ideas on how long gateways current maintenance is going to last, it's been in maintenance since Thursday night, it's now Monday.
I've noticed the same thing, been looking forward to checking out the new features noted in the last set of release notes
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Originally Posted by dazzaj View Post
Any ideas on how long gateways current maintenance is going to last, it's been in maintenance since Thursday night, it's now Monday.
We hope to have it back up soon


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I was looking over the Fleet additions to the Gateway.

In the example of my Fed fleet we have 22 pages of Logs. With the the most recent being displayed at the bottom of page 22. However, the front page of the Fleet screen sports a Recent Events window in the lower-right. This displays the first 3 logs as taken from page 1. Which are considerably older entries.

I'd like to suggest that the Stardate tab for Fleet Logs offer a toggle between standard dates and stardates. We have that choice in-game and it's helpful to be able to swap back and forth between the two.

I do enjoy that we can now click the entries for fleetmates from the Roster tab. Permitting us to view one anothers Captain, Bridge Officer's and Starship's. I think this is the first opportunity that we've had to share - at least those with the details - our
Bridge Officer biographies. There may be some fun back stories being missed.
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Every time I go to this I have to put in the "one time" code again. I guess probably because my laptop uses a portable wi-fi connection.

Not bothering with this until that is changed.
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