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Introduced with Season 7, any Mission suitable for OR needs to last 20 Minutes or more.

It is hardly possible to create a Mission that - independent from player - runs for a certain amount of time. So a mission can easily need 15 min for one player and 25 for another. It is hard enough to get a mission OR certified, even harder to regain it.

To avoid a mission loosing OR cert, like other authors I add a timer to the mission, realized by NPCs who patrol and then kill each other. To avoid users to interfere with the "timer", I place it somewhere out of range - if possible.

This might be a bearable workaround if the AI would work a bit more reliable. But since for some publishes the "patrol timer" works ok, it often enough fails, causing time consuming reviews of the mission. This is not only frustrating for me. Being unable to finish a mission is even more pain for users.

So - long talk short sense - I want a Timer-Feature for the Foundry storyboard. And I want it with priority, since it makes no sense to modify all the missions for this damn patrol timer and then later write all back and use a well laid timer.

Technically this is one of the most easy things since any game uses endless sets of timers, I really wonder why it still is not there.

So I hope this thread helps to discuss and/or support the Feature Request.

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