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01-17-2013, 05:06 AM
I agree on the Photon needing work, especially when compared to the rest of the torp types. Therefore, (and I see another poster in this thread agrees with me) since cruisers have a hard time broadsiding & laying out torps, then giving photons a 180 arc sounds good on the surface...

So, I'm on the same page - Photon arc (and only photons) get 180 natural, everything else still 90...

Heck, I play a Science officer and by the time I skilled up decently in my science abilities and engineering, I ran out of skill points to truly spec into torpedoes (I think I got 3's in the admiral level energy weapons crits and usually slot only one skill point in torpedo crits) and torps work "just fine enough" for me...
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Still at it. CBS "restrictions" fell by wayside with freebie Breen. Time to re-examine ENT and ToS at tier 5, repurpose the Connie into Sci and rebuild an Akira escort into the "NX". 6 "eras", spread evenly over all the classes...

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