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01-17-2013, 10:46 AM
Hello roman,

I'm concerned that you're over there in Mo... I'm wondering if you'd be willing to tracert Cryptic's servers for me to see if you're going through Cogent. If so, there might not be much we can do here aside from asking you to setup a proxy connection in hopes that it will change how you connect and thus (albiet hopefully), get you to side-step Cogent as it's been identified as a problem child for users of STO.

I'm sorry if you've already attempted something such as this, it's the first thing that came to mind, now that I know you're back east.

Regardless, please let me know, I'll continue to offer up what assistance I can.


PS: Vista has it's own issues, however, I doubt it's the root cause of this as I'm suspect of the "HOW" you access Cryptic as mentioned above. I'm also wondering if you've updated to Dx11 as that's caused quite an uproar lately. You can check your version of DirectX by going to Start > Run and typing in "dxdiag" without the quotes and hitting enter. A dialog box will appear and take a moment to finalize it's testing but give you the information I'm after.

Thank you for understanding.

Been playing since launch.

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