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This is for PVE.

Presently I've got a science character flying a Vo'quv. I managed to snipe a Recluse off the exchange at a very good price, which means I can either resell the thing for a tidy sum in profit or switch to flying it.

Now obviously the Recluse is hands down better in one major way, which is that it has extremely powerful shielding. Thicker even than many science ships! It also doesn't skimp on hull strength (Neither does Vo'quv), and gains an additional layer of armor, making it one durable beast of a ship.

There's also a few oddities, like the fact compared to Vo'quv, Recluse loses 5 power to Aux and gains a meaningless 5 power to Engines.

My biggest point of hesitation though is the officer layout.

Vo'quv has an excellent mix of officers. Presently I'm using APB2 and CRF1 on my tactical guy, and two copies of energy siphon on my science commander. This gives the ship both some team support ability (CRF gives more chances on my polarized weapons, and APB amplifies everybody's damage including my pets), while also letting me supercharge myself with a high-uptime siphon cycle.

Going to Recluse, there's a universal commander. If I put an engineer in there I become an undergunned super-heavy cruiser with hangar bays. If I put science in there, I get to keep my energy siphon cycle but sacrifice APB for team/pet damage buffing. And if I put a tactical guy in there I get an even stronger APB along with some other toy, but lose the energy siphons.

So it's not a simple upgrade. Recluse is simply better in some ways, but in other ways it's going to force some compromises.

I'm a little curious what ya'll might have to say on the matter.

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