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01-18-2013, 12:10 AM
So I was on tribble the other day and discovered that the romulan hyperplasma beam ability does not share a cool down with Beam overload.

And I got to thinking what if i slotted only this beam and a beam overload ability. This si what i was thinking...

Fleet excelsior


Fore 2x single cannons, omega torpedo, romulan experamental plasma beam
Aft 2x turrets, kinetic cutting beam, Romulan experamental plasma torp OR
Fore 2x single cannons, Rom torp, Rom beam.
Aft 3x turrets, KCB

Full maco set...probably

eng. 2x rcs accellerators, Romulan console, Neutronium armor.
sci. Borg console, romulan plasma emitters console.
tac. 4x weapon type consoles...probably plasma

LTC tac
TT1, CRF1, BO3 sub a CSV1 for stfs
CMDR eng
EPTW1, DEM1,EPTS3,Aux2sif3 or EPTW1, Aux2batt1,ET3, EWP3
LT eng
EPTS1,RSP1 or EPTS1,Aux2batt1
LT sci
ENS eng
ET1 or EPTA1

By using cannons I ensure that my bo3 only uses the romulan beam, and since the romulan beam has no energy drain I wont suffer a weapons power drop when I fire it. I also gain the hyperflux ability for using the full romulan rep set so I get a free bo power that also causes an increased damage resistance debuff.

With 2 rcs consoles I can get about 18 degrees a second in turn rate and since only the torpedos are under 180 degrees I could prety easily keep my weapons on target.

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