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Hi there,

I've been playing STO for about a year, and I'm a huge star trek fan. I have to reduce my point of view to just this one statement:

"Constantly grinding and replaying levels to aquire dilithium is, quite simply, not fun."

It limits the players power, and constantly makes them feel poor and frustrated. We have enough of this in our real lives thanks very much...

Mentally, players are demotivated whenever they encounter new material, items, or tools in game. ...as they know it will inevitably involve wasted time and conversions of currencies and whatnot.

Please, it is simply solved. Double or triple the daily refining limit, and provide more dilithium rewards for higher player performance and skilled play, rather than dil rewards for time spent.
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# 3512 Thanks!
01-18-2013, 12:29 AM
Short Term-
Esc to skip videos.
More color palate options in some cases.
I saw there's more hair options coming.

Mid Term-

Open PvP systems/sectors.
Keep up the good work with ship options.

Long Term-

Playable Romulans. I'm hoping someday they'll just "uncloak"
Fleet projects for different systems. Integrate system developments/reputation.
Oh! The ah, physics of space. Y axis fixable?
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# 3513
01-18-2013, 01:09 AM
Short Term:
-Correct bugs on mission.

Medium Term:
-Add new "class" of ship, (new skin of Cruiser for example.)

Long term:
-Add the Romulans faction playable.
-Make special missions like this:
One player use a special vessel and is for the occasion a "Boss" (like a Tactical Borg cube) and must survive to the attack from the other's.

Some missions like this where some player take command of Bos vs the other's could be fun. Like the Versus mod of Left 4 Dead 2. (just an example.)
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# 3514
01-18-2013, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by xaryc View Post
I can't remember, but I thought you could split a stack of items when depositing and withdrawing from banks. Please bring this back, or incorporate it into the game. It makes fleet bank transactions more manageable when a limit on withdrawing is in place.
You hold the control key before releasing the item you're moving onto another slot.
The same mechanism used by most any other modern MMO.

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Expended $1,961 USD on this game - regretting it all. This game and some of its staff disappointed me, time and again, per every single cent spent!!!
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# 3515 Reputation System
01-20-2013, 01:12 PM
Hi there,

1 - I would request the removal of lockboxes from the game.

2 - After going from reputation 1-5 omega/romulan on my main character... I have to say that I don't like this reputation system. It's just not fun. It was interesting at the beginning, but getting equipment and items this way is not fun. I feel like I spend more time feeling poor and collecting resources, than actually playing star trek.

Both of these things are 'immersion breakers' from the game.

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# 3516 My 2 cents
01-20-2013, 02:00 PM
1). An honest to god, color change for the target [map] locator circle; it does not show when zoomed out and is the same background color of the terrain, zoomed in.
2). A margin increase for the ships entering space battles, and not right on top of the battle. Enough space to include all ship types and the time it takes to allow every player to see a battle and set-up for it with their different ships. 1 location suits all, is wrong.
3). Bring the most used items for ground battles to my team at the top of the replicator list; you know the three major items that are at the bottom of the list now, or allow a pinning of items to be top selected, or make an auto-buy feature for my items.

1).I have a level 50 character and really want to stop being asked to go on missions. I do not need to be asked, or have the tutorials listed, in my list or have characters I wish to have nothing do do with ask me.
2). Reaching level 50 and being cut-off from building my skills is a no-win topic; why not let players at 50 get the re-spec for free? It would become dynamic!
3). A list of frequented destinations that allow a player to go to at the touch of a button, auto-pilot. This includes a jump between blocks.

1). A S.T.O. mission list* that excludes all missions from the M category, show levels or tiers or edit the current list.
2). An actual beam to target feature for stuck BO's or for mission planning.
3). The ability to select a BO and use that officer in a single task and leave the other 3 for later selection; like a BO has the ability to use stealth and be located somewhere and then after the remaing 3 BO's are use then implemented as a strike group (ground-based only mode).
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01-21-2013, 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by ryhmnox View Post
1).I have a level 50 character and really want to stop being asked to go on missions. I do not need to be asked, or have the tutorials listed, in my list or have characters I wish to have nothing do do with ask me.
Press ESC, select Options, there is an option for "Disable Mission Auto-Hail." Turn it on to stop the game from asking you about the episode missions. They will still remain in the list in case you want to play them at some point.
2). Reaching level 50 and being cut-off from building my skills is a no-win topic; why not let players at 50 get the re-spec for free? It would become dynamic!
Paid subscribers get free respecs while leveling up. Free players do not. Not likely to change.
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Hi guys,

Love this game, the new additions, stories etc.

I would like to suggest that at this stage of the game, what with multiple lockboxes & the like, in many Captains cargo holds, that it be made possible to transfer a limited number of 'reward' packs, Lobi crystals, between ones own account Captains.(I currently run 5 Captains @ Vice Admiral/General). This would not only facilitate the aforementioned cargo into service in a lot of cases, as they will otherwise lay idle indefinately, but would allow captains to add doffs & Lobi to a captain in need so to speak, instead of trying to sell these items via the exchange at extortionate prices, or putting them on the exchange in the hope of logging out of 1 captain & into another to try to grab the item ones self, before it disappears. Lobis cannot be sold, so the ability to transfer to another character would be advantageous, as, I, for instance could then access & add to my lobis in another account, via say a special in game 'drop box', & facilitate the purchace of items in the consortiums warehouse much quicker, stimulating greater interest in the available items, as the crystals can be built up quicker when lockboxes are opened. I suggest that this dropbox/transfer facility be worth say, 50Zen or equivelent, per transfer. That way it is of benefit all round.
Thanks for listening. Keep up the great works, despite the moaners!! lol
Lt. Commander
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01-22-2013, 09:06 AM
I only have one short term request.

Choice of Armor look.

Say you're able to equip Mk III armor...

You get a choice between the look of the Mk I, Mk II, or Mk III versions...but you still get the Mk III stats.

If you're able to equip Mk XII armor...you get to choose from the looks of all the Mk versions of that armor...but you still get the Mk XII stats.
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01-22-2013, 09:09 AM
Couple of wishes:

1.) Benzite BOff
2.) Liberated Borg BOff - ordinary version (not the ENG or SCI special ones)
3.) Now with multiple versions of the Android as reward available, I want to have the other 2 versions also, and not beeing limited to only one 700 Day Veteran version. (DIL Store or somehow else..)

Character and BOff creation/Tailor:

1.) Human or almost Human like races: different pre-created ethnic races (Caucasion, Asian,..)
and pre-created standardized heads. Nothing angers me more than clicking on the random button and getting a head for a Bajoran or Human that looks like a roadkilled Alien.
2.) Serial Numbers for the Crew, like: Captain Ruse Lon; SC-471-745 or anything else.
3.) This is maybe just a thing that disturbes me, but when I switch the first name and the surname so that the surname appears first, it should be like this for example: Decker"," Matt or Yar"," Tasha and so on and not just Decker Matt or Yar Tasha. I know it is just a cosmetic thing..


A Fleet saves Fleet option: There must be some dozens of inactive Fleets out there. I would suggest an option, where a dying Fleet can start a partnership with an other active Fleet (with at least .. lets say 200 members) to transfer their members and some resources over to the active Fleet.

1.) The whole Omega/Maco/KHG/Romulan Reputation System beeing included into the Fleet Tier System. With adapted requierements.

2.) The Dauntless !!

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