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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
If you want to roll a Gorn, then make a KDF character.
how about no

KDF is only good for grinding that's about it the rest is crap
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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I have no problem with Gorn parts in the creator but without knowing why they where removed it may be a hollow puirsuit.
Given the ugliness in here its time one of them put this to rest because for all we know the reason could be tied to future content that has nothing to do with feds ever getting Gorn again.
Well, for one thing, I honestly think it'd be neat to make reptilian aliens that aren't Gorn.

For another, it's currently possible to fake being bynar, human, klingon, lethean, betazed, android, saurian, Romulan, Orions, and a wide variety of other races in KDF or Fed.

The argument that 'we don't want people to make races cross-faction' strikes me as weird, given the WIDE variety that you can already do.

I mean, I can understand why Caitian/Ferasan is limited, though I wish the head shape and body was unlocked for Alien if you bought the race.
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01-18-2013, 02:59 AM
I so want gorn parts in the alien creator so that my captain would look more reptile other then being some boring human looking thing
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01-18-2013, 04:32 AM
wait here's an idea how about unlocking a gorn as a veteran (not sure if spelled right) reward for the fed side while the KDF side get's a species from the fed side
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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Well, Jews are represented in the Iranian parliament--still not an ideal situation for them however.
Since you now have brought this particular point up twice I assume this is important to you for some reason and you have actually researched the topic to some degree.
So you are well aware, that the jews are in an entirely different position from the Gorn in STO.
Thus I need to ask why you brought this up anyway.
"The Path to 2409" makes it explicitly clear the the Gorn were allowed to rule themselves.
There is a term for that: "Autonomy within their own territory".
This does not even resemble the situation of jews in Iran.

Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
As to the citizen status of the Gorn in the Empire--the British were (when it suited them) pretty open-handed with their conquered people's as well. At least the ruling class that is.
Yes, and they usually established a governor wiht a whole lot of leeway who took charge of the conquered territory.
If we are somewhat more precise, the approach the Klingons usually take with conquered territories is actually somewhat more akin to the method the Germans and Soviets used when they conquered their respective parts of Poland, which was to remove proper authorities from their posts, conducting summary executions etc.
However this is precisely NOT how the Klignons handled the Gorn sotuation so this is not a proper analogy either.

In fact, the status of the Gorn is more akin to the status of former British colonies within the commonwealth, only with the difference being the commonwealth states don't have a seat within the British Partliament.

Keep in mind what "The Path to 2409" tells us in done in an out-of-universe fashion.
So it's objective and not propagande for one side or another.

Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
From what we know of Klingon imperialism I certainly doubt the rank and file are thrilled, and the game has established that there are a large number of Gorn in a state of rebellion.
The Federation would doubtless be happy to bring them into the fold where they could, especially given the overall military situation they find themselves in.
Really? Aside from an occasional DOFF mission I don't see anything about that.
There's talk about it among some of the Gorn, but just like we're unlike to get a RL-reenactment of the computer-game "Shattered Union" because of stuff like this:
it's equally unlikely the majority of the Gorn population is going to take part in a rebellion against people who
a.) were RIGHT when it came to the undine infiltration
b.)acted withi honor towards them, even in a fight

Originally Posted by Account by David Steiner in "The Path to 2409"
A: We were stopped by a Klingon patrol on the outskirts of the city. I managed to convince the Gorn with me not to fight.
The Klingons aren't barbarians, Commander. They fight with honor. They conquer, but they treat the conquered fairly.
Once we'd surrendered and they determined we didn't have any weapons, they transported our wounded to one of their sickbays and took
the rest of us to a holding area. We spent four days there, until the leaders of Gila IV surrendered.
c.)gave them autonomy even though they lost

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