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Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
Man, I remember the bile spat at TNG when it first came out. And it wasn't just because the first two seasons were horrible and it took a while for Riker's beard to weave it's magic. It was because it wasn't the same as the previous Treks.

Not that I think this idea would have been the next TNG. It would have depended on the writing and likability of the actors.

But the idea of taking an idealist society that has gone to crap because of political corruption, public apathy, and unfettered corporations and bringing it back into the light... Well, that's some pretty timely stuff right there and I think it could resonate with the general audience.
Certainly timely, and probably would resonate with viewers, but, I wonder if that similarity would hold their interest, rather than providing entertaining escapism. I mean, it's great to think that times may be tough now, but they will get better, but to think times are tough, they did get better, then got bad again, I think that might bring folks down more A bit like Continuum... My wife and I started watching it (which is rare for her, as she's not really a sci-fi buff) but within 3-4 episodes, got bored and stopped watching it, primarily, because we found 'the bad guys' easy to sympathize with (with regards their Future Actions) and found the 'good guy(girl)' to be missing the point. Sure, she was just doing her job, but given the change in circumstances, maintaining the pursuit was illogical. At least Darien Lambert was able to send Future Criminals back to the future for punishment, rather than just killing them And I worry that ST:Federation might suffer from a similar flaw... (and as before, the character of Kirk is just a mutiny waiting to happen )

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