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10-20-2012, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by godsin22 View Post
Second Life...
No. When you mute someone on Second Life, that person can still see you, but you can't see them. Well, you can see them, but they show up as a blank, generic grey human silhouette sprite. If you're within range of being able to be "rezed" by their client, they can still stalk you and everything else that was talked about above. What's more, they are not prevented from looking at the "picks" on your profile and using them to figure out where else you might hang out to stalk you or worse.

I've actually used the picks on a friend's profile to find a place they hang out at when that place wasn't even listed on their picks. I was just using logic. I wasn't stalking them, the place was a shopping area and I was hoping to find something they might like to buy it for them. Then I bumped into them when I went there there. If I can do it by accident, a stalker can do it far easier on purpose.

The thing is, the ignore feature on STO causes people to become muted for 24 hours if too many people add them to ignore in a short period of time. So ignoring people can prevent them from annoying others (at least for 24 hours). It can also inadvertently cause someone to be ineffective in a team due to the complete and total inability to communicate.

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Like i said in another thread of someone being chat banned for no real justifiable reason. Sense we have the ability to ignore. The current system of Chat banning serves no purpose, other then to give trolls and abusers another way to troll and abuse. How hard do you think it would be for me to get 10 of my Team speak buddies on DS9 to all add joenuggets to there ignore list to force a 24 hour chat ban on him just for grins and giggles? Yup, not hard at all...

Ban Hammers should be in the hands of Moderators and NOT players.

What I would like to see however is what others in this thread including the OP suggested.. Adding someone to ignore makes it so you can't see there toon And can no longer be teamed with them in PVE or PVP instances. In other words, if you ignore them, It's as if they no longer exist to you. But this would work both ways. If you ignore someone then they no longer see you either.

But either way. Weather this system is ever put in place or not. The current system of, X number of ignores by X number of players in X amount of time Equals 24 hour chat ban needs to go. Players abuse it and it can truly Disrupt an honest players game play worse then a chat troll ever could.
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01-18-2013, 08:55 AM
I don't mind getting ignored. I do play aggressive and sometimes it shows. If I beat you in the Fast and Furious race, and you ignore me, I am still fine with it. But if you ignore me, don't send me a pm then ignore/report spam. This is a blatant harassment.
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Originally Posted by godsin22 View Post
I'm not sure about DDO, but I know LotRO didn't have such a feature. I'd be surprised if DDO did, since it was made by the same people.

Original Neverwinter Nights Community coded Persistent worlds.
I know this wasn't true for all NWN PW's. None of the ones I played had this feature, and I helped build a couple
of them myself,

EDIT: This thread has been closed due to being a "necro" thread. Remember, if a thread has not been posted to in over 30 days, please start a new thread to discuss a topic Thanks! ~BranFlakes

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