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01-14-2013, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Until Cryptic builds in functionality that lets a person set up a private arena/scenario with optional rules/restrictions, this is completely subjective and on the honor system. Until Cryptic builds in a functional tournament system with ranks and a leaderboard, the whole idea is pretty much meaningless. In my opinion.

When you can actually apply optional rules to a PvP scenario, then tournament restrictions will be meaningful, enforceable, and non-negotiable. Rules like "Sudden_Death" (No respawn), "Disable_Placate/Confuse", "Disable_C-Store_Consoles", "Escorts_Only", "VA_Only", "No_Lockbox_Ships", and more.

Better yet, a "Tournament Mode" that automatically applies a set of standard rules to a PvP scenario and puts everybody on a "level" playing field automatically.

In that scenario, there's nothing stopping you from equipping "cheese" except for the fact that it's disabled and you're gimping yourself by doing it.
Even though this idea is not new, it would be awesome - There is one downside right now though. We don't have the numbers in pvp to allow this to happen. However if we got the numbers and got this feature I'd be a STO slave for life
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# 22 love it
01-14-2013, 08:02 PM
bluegeek's points about possible pre-match setup options I think are great ideas that would put out alot of this nerd rage that has killed interest in pvp and settle alot of the pissing matches between fleets (im leet bestest, nah bra- IM LEET BESTEST!!.. rage rage rage on forums!)

It would also help in the semi-cancelled semi-on torney all but burned down by the usual suspests on these forums -(ego boys, ego's.. tsk tsk)

all i have heard for months now is balance, balance, balance

all driven by a few players unhappy with having to change or
ones all to happy to rub the face of each player they come across in the ablitiy/console/effect -

stupid threat example from forums:
"well then we will as a fleet SPAM it in the pvp matchs until all players cry out for cryptic to fix it, cause you know we (input stupid fleet name) are leet best and know all and all bow before us"

Side note: each time I read one of these stupid threats, I hop on sto and go strait for a pug 5v5 pvp to see it, and guess what? NEVER SEE IT- these silly 45 people or so are just not enough to effect ALL pvp matchs in ALL cues during EVERY hour of the day, so their little rampage lasts like an hour or 2, then its done for a week-LOL!!

Final thought:
LOVE the talk online here of doing away with trying to police what cryptic is doing here for pvp
LOVE the talk online here of accepting the outcome of the fight come what may (like doing away with the grocery list of rules for the torney- that many have brought up good points of in the idea of balancing this you accidently unbalance that- then cry from this fleet turns into threats from the other- not good
LOVE the talk online here from new FACES, not so happy hearing threats and dismissal from old faces, but who cares, (I still got my ignore button in the game so im happy)

its rock, paper, scissor folks- cant have balance- once options start to appear for the players the counter ability for attacks start to become more specific-- you just cant fight it, this game has alot of options for players to choose before going into a pvp match, this isnt HALO or CALL OF DUTY- the end game pvp matchs will not be solely decided on knowledge of the game and player skill, the most critical component will always matter- rock beats scissor or paper beats rock or scissor beats paper, and so on

just love the game and have fun win, lose, or draw
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01-18-2013, 08:31 AM
One point to make about pre-selected scenario options...

This shouldn't be about "gimping" certain players or disabling "cheese".

The reason to have that kind of functionality is really about introducing variable factors that can make a PvP scenario more (or less) challenging. It might also be useful for PvP playtesting.

It could even be used to enable specific map features or game mechanics that don't appear in the basic scenario.

Gravitational anomalies that temporarily slow down a ship or slingshot it in another direction. Subspace anomalies that instantly teleport a ship to another location. Various interference effects that disable things like the minimap, or full impulse, or even shields for the whole map or just in certain locations. Metreon gas fields that go boom. Lots and lots of potential here.

PvP options shouldn't be about turning stuff off. It should be a killer feature that creates new challenges and variations and makes people more interested in playing PvP.
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