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01-18-2013, 02:46 AM
Fighter mechanics need an overhaul. The carrier commands are good, but they should fly in the opposite direction of a warp core explosion instead of just sit there and get blown up.
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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
Look, I respect the fact that you have a different opinion, but at this point you are just, once again, restating what you already stated in your previous posts.

I did read your webpage and nowhere in it does it give an adequate explanation as two why the windows would be 30-50 feet long. I can only think of two possible explanations:

1) The ship was intended to be 400-500 meters length, but they made a mistake when scaling the windows on the canonical model.

2) The ship is in the 150-300 meter range.

Now, since the only canonical reference to the size of the ship is the model which appeared on screen, I reject premise (1), the reason being, even if it is true, the ship design is now part of canon and they never corrected it in later appearances.

Now, I respect that you believe that the canon size is 400 - 500 meters and that the ship has windows that are 3 or more stories height in length, but I do not find that plausible at all. Unless you have a good explanation as to why the ship would have such large windows, I see little point in continuing this conversation.
By your reckoning then, the decks on the Akira are about 1.5 meters high, or less than half the regular size of a deck on every other Federation vessel ever (again, see the Ex Astris piece, deck size is one of the many analyses they do). Who's going to crew it, pygmy Tellarites and baby Ewoks?

Secondly, shrinking the Akira that small will, by extension, make the Defiant Class about 80 meters long, the Excelsior about 300 meters, a Galaxy class about 400, an Intrepid...well you get the idea. It just doesn't work.

Finally, you're basing your entire notion on one external view of a window. There's absolutely nothing keeping said window from being internally segmented, ala Ten Forward or other observation decks that we never see the exterior of, yet have windows that are quite wide.

You're left with two options, either accept the fact that you're wrong and the Akira model has a funky window, or throw out all known spatial dimensions for a huge number of Federation ships, ignore specifications that are about as "official" as you can get short of Data breaking out a ruler on-screen, and dismiss analyses considerably more thorough than your own because they don't support your hypothesis.

Originally Posted by tostrek2012 View Post
My view is stricter than this, where it excluded VOY and DS9, yet I would include the content of technical manuals.
Which is data that has been presented here, yet because it contradicts logical's absurd notion that the Akira is 200 meters long, it's being ignored.

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Unless I am missing something (and I am not) the original topic in this thread has very little to do with ship scaling and is intended to discuss function.

While the relative size of starships and shuttles is aesthetically relevant, it is off-topic here.

Please take the ship scale discussion into another thread, preferably in a shipyard or art sub-forum where it's on-topic.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
the bad thing about that is that fighter devices share a cooldown with Fleet Support. which I find insanely stupid.
I'm sure it has to do with performance concerns if too many ships are out at once. Things can already get insane with entire groups of carriers without also having every one being able to spawn device fighters AND extra ships simultaneously.

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