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screens of both anniversary ships have been posted, so i suppose its speculation time, PVP style, as in how they will effect, and what they will bring to pvp

the question is, will they be be fleet ship spec, or stock RA spec when they give them to us. since nether of these ships have any chance of a 3 pack being spawned off of them, i think theres actually a very good chance they will be fleet ship level, and then added to the fleet store after the event. the breen ship having as fleet ship level stats might be set a precedent here too.


42,900 hull
1.1 shield mod
7.5 turn rate
35 inertia

4 eng consoles
3 sci consoles
3 tac consoles

COM eng
LTC sci
LT eng
LT tac
ENS uni

38,000 hull
1.05 shield mod
10.5 turn rate
35 inertia
DC use

4 eng consoles
2 sci consoles
4 tac consoles

COM eng
LTC tac
LT eng
LT sci
ENS uni

sure, this might be a bit optimistic, but these ships would be extreamly awesome with such stats. on the ambasidor, its kinda like haveing an LTC sci on an odyssey, but also not also haveing a LT sci, which ban be a bit to much sci and not enough eng imo.

of course a kdf cruiser between the stats of fleet vorcha and fleet ktinga would be extreamly awsome as well. in some cases the fleet vorcha has too much tac, this diles the excess tac down a bit, for another close to ideal setup.

the universal ens stations would be gravy, an extreamly nice addition. though they are most likly to just be ENS eng. they might be ether sci or tac , depending on the LTC they have though, like the galor has.
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