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01-18-2013, 11:49 AM
Hmm these mines originally showed up about april 2012 in the lobi store from the ferengi lockbox. I've hardly ever seen them used in a pvp match I've been in they give off a giant purplish-pink bloom when they explode which looks unlike any other effect I've seen they have a standard 15sec cd- less with new mine doffs if it procs. So is it becoming an issue because people read about it in the forums and said "hmm maybe I'll try them out its not like they cost 200 lobi and are bind on pickup". Or is it something else?
BTW proud owner of the Ferengi set since it came out and fleetmates still managed to kill me most times when I used them. They give an extra shield damage,-shield regen per mine for 10 sec and allow shields to take extra damage but they never seemed overpowered or broken.

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