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01-18-2013, 01:08 PM
Ferenginar! Pack a raincoat, folks.
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01-18-2013, 01:27 PM
Chalk up another vote for Paradise City, on Nimbus III, the Planet of Galactic Peace.

I'd also really like to see some human civillian/colonial settlement someplace. You know, someplace that isn't desperately mining for the local Klingon bully, or dealing with massive radiation poisoning, or a killer hologram or something... Just average everyday folks who have a colony someplace that needs some supplies, maybe someplace we can ferry colonists or supplies to, or something like that. Something, maybe not on the same scale, but similar to Bajor where there's a dozen or so pickup-missions to do. Defend the colony from a meteor shower, Maybe Help the doctor there solve some flu, run some cargo to a secondary colony using a shuttle for some reputation points, etc.
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01-18-2013, 01:45 PM
Sure, Cryptic could easily throw a bunch of placeholder planets onto a new sector map.

But I want places where there's a good reason to visit. That means either a social zone, of which there are plenty that could use more features, or some kind of mission.

Vulcan as a planet only exists in the state it's in because it figures into the Klingon War mission progression and there's a diplomatic mission there. We didn't get a Vulcan city... we got a mission map with a Vulcan temple on it. It was never intended to be a real social zone, unfortunately. We have Andoria because they meant to add it as a Fed vs Fed PvP dueling zone, but it never got beyond what it is. We got Memory Alpha because they needed an excuse for crafting.

We got Drozana because they built an FE series around it, and because players were asking for a cross-faction social zone.

Qo'NoS First City came about because Cryptic was planning to do some kind of tutorial for starting level Klingons (before the Atari meltdown) and to reflect the effort that went into overhauling ESD. Then came the Academies... again because they were intended to be a starting area for new characters. Amazing as those areas are in their own ways, they aren't as fully realized as they could be yet.

We got Hathor because the Devs wanted to do a Bajor tie-in for the 2800 FE. Also the reason why DS9 got the revamp that it got.

We got New Romulus, but you'll notice that we don't get to visit anything that looks like an actual city. With good reason, sure, but the planet is entirely built to reflect the Devs' purpose in creating it with not a lot of extras.

Point being, they only build up the locations they intend to use in the game, not because the artists don't have anything better to do. We won't see the surface of any more homeworlds or locations unless Cryptic has a good reason to put it in there besides the fact that it was mentioned in a Trek episode.

That said, there's real potential that they will overhaul Risa someday as it's a great setting for intrigue. I can see Ferenginar also happening someday, as an interesting location to go do something. For sure Cryptic will eventually create a playable Romulan faction and they will need to create a starting zone for them. Ditto for Cardassia Prime. I bet that they will open up new worlds in the Klingon Empire when more content is created for KDF. We're just going to have to wait patiently, that's all.
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