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Are you in a large fleet and are sick of waiting for a promotion? Tired of contributing to a fleet bank and getting nothing in return? Looking for a fleet the comes with a medical, dental AND vision plan? If you answered yes to at least 2 out of 3 of these question then you are prime candidate for The Initiative.

The Initiative may not have a tier 5 starbase decked out with all the extras but those are no fun anyway. This fleet is is a new fleet (T 1) and we already making progress toward tier 2. We are a small friendly group of drama free people that are looking to expand our ranks. So if you are looking to join an up and coming fleet, look no farther.

All types of players, at any level are welcome. New to the game and don't know how to fire a torpedo yet, we will teach you. Experienced player looking for some new people to pve with, come join us as well. Lone wolf player, just looking for some fleet extras, awesome, you never have to speak a work to us.

So come join The Intiiative (bring your friends as well) and get a small welcome to the fleet gift! (not a bribe, I swear). Message me @gn007arios if you are ready to join or for more details if needed. I am online atleast once a day.

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