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01-20-2013, 08:49 AM
As I've said, I'm not advocating a Tier 5 Connie. I want a retro TOS battleship or supercruiser, which would be far less out-of-place among the battleships and supercruisers that make up T5 at the moment.

Additionally, for people who do want it - just because someone in power has said no to something it certainly doesn't mean that one should give up hope of achieving it


What they've said is no to a T5 retro Connie, though, am I right? There's still a chance that they could make a T5 Cruiser, with Exeter or other modern skin.

As for your suggestion, the holo-emmitter thing would work, but I wouldn't want to pay through the nose for something that only lasts a bloody hour! I'd want it to be a permenant skin option.

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