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# 1 Welcome to O.P.A. Inc.
01-20-2013, 12:49 PM
Come one come all to to become a member of our family.

What we can we do for ya.
  • Very active fleet
  • stf help
    we can show you how to get through all stfs elites!
  • ship build competitive play help
    We can show you ways to build better ships and maximize builds
  • tips and tricks
  • starbase
  • pvp
    we do alot of pvp.
  • klink side too
  • real communication
    we use mics on this client
  • and much more

hope to see you guys in game if you are looking for a fleet pm , @srspells, @spaceklaus,@lowther,@pozmedley,@GENSisco

we would love to get to play with fresh blood

|| Open Door Policy ||
| Dues Ex Mechina |
Fleet Leader


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