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Hey! It's me again with another science build question! I'm looking for opinions.

My first toon is a Betazoid Science Captain. I followed STO Wiki guide for healing. I ended up with Empathic, Telepathic, Creative and Astrophysicist.

I found that I like space combat a lot more than ground combat. I like science so much though that I wanted to stick with it. I wanted to get a little more out of the space traits as opposed to the ground traits. I almost made an Alien Captain, but I really wanted to play a race of Star Trek lore.

I chose Bajoran, partly because creative seemed to be a good trait and I didn't want to be a complete noob on the ground(I ended up with Spiritual, Creative, Astrophysicist and Accuracy). However, away missions haven't been difficult for my Bajoran. I use a sniper rifle and pick people off from 45m away(on the advanced difficulty).

Is the creative trait good for a Science Captain? In pve, I seem to be the one doing the most damage and not my BOffs. I don't heal them because my Science Officer takes care of that. At the same time, Science kits aren't really set up to do damage. In other words, I'm not really benefitting from the Creative trait.

Does it become better if I do away missions with other players at end game? Do people do away missions at end game?

I'm just wondering if it's time to remake my Bajoran.

I did just notice though that the Spiritual trait(10% health regen/10% bonus to healing abilities used on me) goes well with the Creative trait(+5% hit points/damage on kit powers). I guess if I needed to, I would be able to heal myself like crazy. Does that count for anything?
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03-10-2013, 12:52 PM
Bajorans are perfect Sci-officers on ground with their unique race-trait and the creative-trait - if you go for healing a lot. On ground you'll find no better tank.

If you chose accurate and astro-physicist, you're also in the safe-zone for space.

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