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01-18-2013, 07:15 AM
I think this is a good idea. If i have a lot of injuries and try and queue for an stf, i would actually be happy if they said I couldnt do it because of injuries so I could remember to heal my injuries.
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01-18-2013, 01:28 PM
I only support the idea about blocking people from queuing if they have injuries and not carrying the minimum required gear to make a difference in stf instances (nothing less than mk x/tier 4 ships). Everything else proposed in this thread is kind of tyrannical. The kick vote feature might be a neat idea though. In-game penalties for having injuries are already in place, major and critical really do slow you down, the only reason why the troll doesn't get rid of them is because they simply don't care or don't want to buy them at the vendor (they are really cheap though). I actually don't understand last part, if you're grinding STFs, you should have been rewarded with more than enough ec to afford 20 regen minor and major (critical is another story ).

Another thing about sharing regens, I share only when it's absolutely necessary like in infected ground and we're in the last room and only 3~4 left in the instance type of situations. People not being *******s is a major deciding factor too. Any other circumstances you are just wasting away your ec, down the gutter! Sometimes it's best to just leave if you're not getting anywhere in the STF run.
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01-21-2013, 07:56 AM
I don't support the other restrictions proposed, either. I wanted to point out that having your Medical or Engineering officer stop you from joining an STF is also an opportunity for them to point out you can get healed/repaired for free at DS9, ESD, etc.

Do it, Cryptic!

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01-21-2013, 08:16 AM
It would be nice if us Doctors with our Medical Kits could heal Injuries on our teams. We can bring you back from the brink of death but fixing that sprained wrist is just asking tooooo much.
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01-21-2013, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by olivia211 View Post
I think I have thought of a way to help curb this behavior of either purposely neglecting your character's health and at the same time keeping a handful of AFKers / Botters out of STFs.

I like your attitude towards a zero tolerance policy for this kind of player neglect.

Rather than push for a new system, that will unlikely ever come, I recommend you find a global channel dedicated to running STFs if you are not already doing so.

EliteSTF has a very zero tolerance policy towards channel chatter beyond forming teams, afkers/leeches, people who abandon teams, etc.

I'm not a mod of this channel, but I've run STFs through this channel for over a year with little issue - send an in-game e-mail to one of the channel mods for an invite. (Here is a thread on it, There is newer channel thread somewhere on the forums but I was unable to locate it).

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01-21-2013, 11:14 AM
As one of those who often forgets about damage, I can say I'd appreciate the reminder of not being able to queue up.

A lot of times I run something then go to bed. By the next time I play that character I might forget I got damaged, and thus queue up again without healing it. Getting a reminder in the form of not being allowed into the queue would be perfect.

Got my vote for this one.
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01-22-2013, 05:31 AM
The no STFs till you are healed, I think, is a good thing. In all seriousness, would any of us voluntarily go into a gun battle with radiation sickness, broken ribs, head trauma, etc.? I doubt anyone would let us do such a foolish thing. I am sure our officers would sooner relieve us of command before letting us do such a thing.

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01-22-2013, 05:50 AM
Have me appointed as Community Moderator for PUG STF.
Send me your videos of the games gone bad.
I'll make sure to educate all the wrong-doers and keep PUG STF a fun and sterile experience.

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01-22-2013, 06:19 AM
I'd support such a system, all you would need is a check at the queue stage. If you have injuries on the ship or the toon, you are unable to queue for any STF and a window pops up saying that you mush heal/fix all injuries before proceeding. Otherwise you queue as normal.

Beyond this anything else may be heavy handed, I've had bad runs where the Borg just blink in my general direction and I go up in flames - and perhaps I don't have as many minor components in my bank I thought I had. Due to the injuries I would already suffer loot penalties because my ship would be unable to put out as much damage, it seems unfair to me to 'disqualify' a player once in map because they don't have the means to keep fixing themselves.
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01-22-2013, 07:40 AM
it seems as though we have come to a consensus as far as what solution should be tried. It's safe to say that they "no STFs with injuries" might be a step in the right direction. I doubt this will really get rid of the known AFKers, but at least those that come in with critical injuries would be eliminated.

So Cryptic...what do you say?

To answer your question, yes. - @Executive_Emily - I have a Website? Oh, yeah! I do.

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