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01-22-2013, 02:47 PM
I love the look of the Jem'hadar minigun, I might have to get a hold of that

Disappointed though with the lack of Kar'tarkin. But maybe this just means it can exist as a normal melee weapon at some point, and be easier to get than a Lobi item.

I'm eager to see what the mirror Vo'quv stats are. Will it change the Sci Commander to something else, or instead change the Tac Lt Commander? Maybe swap both? I'd love another material variant for mine, so I'll probably get it whether I use the mirror or not.

I also hope the hybrid weapons have special visuals now. The polarized disruptors didn't (as far as I can tell), but maybe these ones will at least use the Dominion visuals already in the mission rewards. Maybe they'll even make them blue-er to fit with the shows and ground weapons.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the rewards. Kind of hoping the rich dilithium veins would be for a fleet holding, but dilithium rewards in lockboxes could be nice, if common enough. Not particularly interested in the feature ships, but they look nice. Driclae don't look as cute as Alfa dogs or Epohhs, but maybe there's a variant for me. I'm an obsessive pet collector, so I'll get one anyway.

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