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01-23-2013, 12:11 AM
So what criterion defines 'bastardized game ruining boff setup' exactly?
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Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
So what criterion defines 'bastardized game ruining boff setup' exactly?
Once Cryptic started releasing ships that where designed to do things other then there class setup... team play was destryoed imo... and in many others.

This would include the MVAM Excelsior first... and later.

and of course a bunch of fleet ships that have Lt. Cmd slots that are not in line with there class.... and all the lockbox ships go with out saying.

The original designers of STO... placed 2 Lt. Cmd and a Commander boff slot of the ships class on each ship. Look at the allowed ships these are the LAUNCH ships... it Cryptic employees that had there hands on things well after launch that are responsible for bad ideas like the mvam. IMO I would say it was around the time of MVAM and Ecel that the devs lost there way, and started working with no real plan for future balance.
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I haven't seen the in-game boxes for the new mirror ships yet. If they are only visual changes (or minor ones like the mirror vorcha/raptor), I guess they will be allowed to reduce the cost for players who don't have an old ship of a certain class.
I suspect that the mirror Voquv might need to be excluded, because I expect it to have different BO seating on the LtC/Cmdr level which could significantly change its usefulness; but as I said, I haven't seen the exact stats yet.

The MVAM is not allowed. For one it's not one of the original RA ships (and even the original VA ships Defiant/Galaxy/Intrepid have been excluded), and then it introduces an Sci LtC on an escort which breaks the old paradigm of Cmdr+LTC = Ship Class (with the exception of the Voquv, but that's a carrier with special rules anyway, and the BoP which pays heavily in terms of hull and shields for the universal slots).

Regarding Mk XII: I think this rule is primarily in place to make things easier and let people keep most of their non-set gear instead of having to get a new set of Mk XI gear. I don't have much in terms of Mk XII gear and I don't feel as if I'm at a significant disadvantage.

I don't quite understand the perceived problems with veteran boffs. But maybe people are using much more optimised builds than I do. I could probably get a bigger bonus from respeccing to an optimised build than I would receive from a full veteran crew, so I don't consider it a big problem. Then again, there seems to be concern over them, so I guess they could be looked at again.

Regarding carriers: The Voquv is an RA token ship. And while it is true that a team with several carriers is a massive balance problem, this case is dealt with in the special premade rules that limit a team to a maximum of one carrier.

It seems that so far these rules a worth a second round of discussion:
  • Tricobalt Torpedoes (to make Smallsam happy)
  • Veteran Boffs (some players seem to not like them and personally I don't care much either way)
  • the new mirror ships
  • preorder items
And the list regarding episode rewards should be extended.

Once this list stabilises and no new issues come up, maybe the players who met for making the rules could reconvene and decide about these issues. Or they just post there opinion in this thread.
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01-23-2013, 12:48 AM
One other concern I have is the passive rep powers. Especially stuff like the Romulan Placate, but I think we may have to choose to ignore those, as players are unlikely to spend a respec token just to qualify for a classic pvp tournament.

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