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Now this is the 3rd time over a period of 12 months that I have mention this problem, with not even a burp from drinking too much soda from Cryptic. I am getting, putting it nicely as the rules let me, cheesed off about the ignorance I have received. I even been onto Branflakes twice on twitter too.

The problem I have is from the foundry mission The Flooods at Home Part 2. (ST-HMVKDJ2ZS)

I set up a scene on the Amberley map, where you setting up a Command Post. I have a objective task of a scene of having a generator get beam down, but when the trigger has been activated and objective is complete, the generator does not appear. I have gone over numerous times to check and see if it is not something I did. I heve done it correctly.

Bug ID: 1,453,239.

I have set 2 generators inside of each other too, with one set for the beam in, one for turning on the generator.

I also know that scene has worked before, for I have set a simular scene from Floods Part 1 with a generator getting beamed in on the Rockhampton map which was made before season 4, I made the Amberley scene after saeason 4. So it looks like there is abit of code missing, or something in that nature.

So unless you want to fly accross the Pacific with a cricket bat and knock on the front door, PLEASE say somthing meaningful in going to have a look into this problem. For it will be better than saying nothing at all.

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