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# 11 Please Revamp The Pvp System
01-23-2013, 08:40 AM
Hello everyone. STO is severly lacking in the pvp department as well all know. There needs to be a better balance in game between carebearing and pvping. I would love to see factional sector control, where every advancement equals bonouses for the factions.

The player owned starbases should be vulnerable to attack and placed into an individual system assigned to a fleet. instead of a mass cluster at one point on the map. The assigned fleet would be assigned to proactively watch and defend their system from other players. If the SB is destroyed, No points should be lost on the earned teir of the base, just a reconstruction and relocation fee for the base.I would also like to see one big universal map where there is no loading between sectors.

On a last note, I do believe in the star trek universe that there is science and industry, maybe crafting can be reinvented to mining with mining ships and gathering resources to construct ships or whatever else. If just some of this could be added, I think it would be a step in right direction for STO.

Thats if the Devs are willing to break away from the majority of carebears and pvers in game.

Just asking for a better balance and immersion.

Use (but not limited too) planetside 2, eve online, star trek bridge commander, and the new and up comming mmo star citizen as examples of how to evolve STO.

Thank for listening


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