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01-23-2013, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
With this new Dominion lock box coming out(which I am a fan simply because of the Dominion focas - not the lock-box focas) - will you be playing "Lock-Box Online"(trademarking this)

Also with so many non-faction ships in the game why do I have to be part of the Fed or KDF?

This makes no sense - I am "buying" a used ship from the Ferengi - which no Starfleet Adm would have to do to get a ship - then I now an independant - I have left starfleet.

Why can't I be a former Starfleet Adm - now retired - trading or fighting for hire or whatever in one of my "used" Dominion ships????

I mean I "bought" a used ship with my own money why do I have to be part of Starfleet or the KDF???

I feel ya, i personnally hate the lock boxes. I think they should just sell the ships in the c-store. I have bought my share of c-store ships and will again i am sure. But I hate to gamble. Its such a let down. Every time I see a lock box I feel Cryptic/PWE is trying to hustle me. It used to mess with my immersion big time. Now I just ignore them.

But if they have to have em, put them in their own map. Or give me the option to turn them off. They are so abundant they might as well just hand them out to anyone who wants them.

I would like to say though to all the haters, one reason I came back to sto is that this game DOES run better than the other MMO's I have played, for whatever reason. AND Cryptic has done alot of good work and tied up alot of loose ends since I was playing sto last about 8 months ago.

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