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Hey, it's an MMO economy. Relax, and as a heads up - I am one of the players that spends $$ on zen to buy dil for my Starbase efforts.

Dealing with people who contribute within a fleet, is a fleet issue (albeit one where better admin tools for fleets would go a long way).

Season 7 did one thing - it essentially tripled the ways dilithium could be spent. Instead of just fleet expenses (projects and gear purchases) we now have fleet Starbase, fleet Embassy, and Reputation as dilithium sinks. Don't even get me started on new gear, consoles and weapons etc.

As a fleet admin, you could see the day reputation and embassies hit, projects stalled across the board. As an active player with 4 toons, I essentially stopped dilithium donations to projects within my own fleet. Saving up and buying all of the neat new gadgets came at a cost to everything else.

Of course, this is personal choice.

Since many of the 'overachievers' have reached T5 reps, dilithium has started to flow ever so slightly better. But the value of dilithium stays at a game history record. This is problematic for me, as I will NOT spend money on dilithium when the exchange rate stays so high.

I have bought dilithium before at 305, 240, 220, 190 and 150 exchange rates over the last 18 months. Even with the rare 'bonus' Zen events, I am no longer enticed to spend money on dilithium to help our fleet - or make my acquisition of cool stuff faster.

TAKE NOTE CRYPTIC - Dilithium is too expensive to justify buying Zen for this 'whale'

Suggestion: Sell Dilithium Asteroids

Sell limited availability Dilithium Asteroids (1x per year, per account) in the Z-Store. Dilithium Asteroids could come in 3 denominations of 1, 5 and 10 million dilithium for 2000, 9000, and 16000 zen. Dilithium conversion would be 500 to 625 per zen in this fashion.

It's priced so that it doesn't impact average F2P users; and the dilithium market would see a minor impact over time, lowering the value of dilithium. (Mathematically there would be no incentive to buy dilithium for resale use on the dilithium exchange).

It's limited availability would eliminate willful (albeit crazy) attempts to destabilize the market.

It's priced so that a paying player (<$200 per year), might buy 1 million 1x a year,

It's priced so small fleets could compete easier.

It's priced to benefit the whale (>$800 per year).

Just a thought

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he whole imbalance is the same thing you have in the real world. The only difference is that there is almost equal opportunity. I know you are a life time member that goes as far back. that means you have more advantages when it comes down to things like legacy unlock and probably more characters then the f2p players.

The more character means more earning potential. I suggest using some real world strategies for finance. The whole don't put your eggs in one basket comes to mind. The starbase isn't all it is cracked up to be. The biggest advantage the starbase itself has is fleet ships and transwarp points. When you have lock box ships and c-store bundles like the Oddy and the Vesta then the fleet ships are less desirable. The Vest bundle alone is better then the fleets sci vessels. Aux DHC on an aux heavy ship is big. The Tuffli/Excelsior has the transwarp points.

If you want to get help on donating you need to inspire them and show them how it can help them personally. For example, if you want to show them a way to up their dps then take the fleet advance escort. you can put 5 [Console - Tactical - Plasma Infuser Mk XII] and 3 [Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk XI [-Th] [Pla]]. That sci console alone adds 9% plasma damage. that means you can have 30%+30%+30%+30%+30%+9%+9%+9% plasma damage.

That might convince a few that a tier 4 shipyard and a tier 2 embassy is worth it. then you can tell them about the Rare Romulan Tactical Bridge Officer Candidate that has Superior Covert Operative that can add 3.8% to your critical chance in space.

Dangling shinny objects in front of people work in most mmo's. Cryttic provided the dangling object. you just need to point your fleet.
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01-23-2013, 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by brokenmirror2012 View Post
No its cryptics problem when they try to add things and all the dil is owned by 1 group.
Last time I checked Dil is a resource that anyone can get anytime they want. There's plenty of ways of earning Dilithium in this game. It's not like it's actually that scarce. So it's not like one group has somehow cornered the market on Dil, and no one else can earn any.

At least allow that dil to circulate, or the whoel EC thing happens again.
And exactly what would this accomplish? I'm also not sure what you mean by the whole EC thing... If people want to sit on huge piles of EC that's up to them. It doesn't actually effect you in anyway. You can still go out and earn EC regardless of how much someone else has, same as with Dilithium.

I'm pretty sure what you really want is a way for you to get Dil without having to actually work at it, and you make up a completely illogical and BS reason why Cryptic should do it.
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01-23-2013, 04:54 PM
I think allowing fleets to tax dil might be a decent idea. Ie, allow a fleet to set up a thing where X% of the dilithium refined by fleet members up to Y in a day goes to open starbase projects.

As an example, a fleet could set the tax at 10% of all dilithium refined up to 500 dilithium. If a fleet member refined 5k - 8k dilithium in a day, 500 of it would go to an open starbase project. If a fleet member refined 2k, 200 would go to an open project.

It would probably be smart to have a cap on the amount of dilithium a fleet could tax. Though if the tax is set too high, players could always leave, that really isnt fair if the player has contributed a lot to the starbase already. 500 or 1k might be a good cap, as even if you dont like the rate your fleet has set, it is not really that much.
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Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Dangling shinny objects in front of people work in most mmo's. Cryttic provided the dangling object. you just need to point your fleet.

I think one problem with this still though is that each individual who contributes gets far far less than the individuals in the fleet that dont contribute. The individuals that dont contribute get all the shinys you talk about, but they also have all their dilithium.

If you made things cost millions of fleet credits, that could change things a lot. If you made dilithium contributions give 100s or 1000s of fleet credits, instead of the 1 to 1 ratio now, that would change things as well.

I dont think pumping people up about the possible rewards is enough though, because each person rationally will think that they should just not contribute that much, or contribute at all, and hope that others do, because they will get the same rewards whether or not they contribute, so long as others contribute.

Edit: Sorry about double post, i should have just edited my original post.

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