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01-23-2013, 01:08 PM
how likely are you to actually get something good from a lock box? Even the low level ones I get as a newb? Are they worth opening?
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I refuse to play lockbox online - Like the lottery, I see it as a fools tax or in the least a tax on hope. I myself plan to do as I always do, the smart option of letting the fools and hopeful go broke gambling on these boxes then when they try to recoup their losses to buy more keys to feed their addiction, buy everything I want cut price with a 100% chance of getting it if I pay for it


All boxes are equal - even if you opened one at lv1, you'd have the same hair-thin chance of getting the grand prize as far as I know - you just wouldn't be able to use it
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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Sorry But by making it so that half of Starfleet is flying ships from NON -UFP members - Starfleet has lost all credibility and is nothing like Star-Trek any more - no debating that.

The issue is with all these lock-box ships Cryptic could make a excellent case and take advantage of a Non-aligned player faction.
Thing is, if the Ferengi really were aquiring all these derelict vessels, wouldn't they just keep them? Remember DS9 "Little Green Men"? And that was just a shuttle. It would seem the Ferengi would be more likely to do this:

1) Aquire various assorted factions direlicts.

2) Crew them with Nausican, Klingon, Orion, and any other mercenary types to be found.

3) Send these vessels out as commerce raiders, attacking all other faction's shipping, up to and including, the vessel's previous owners, and probably, other Ferengi, too.

4) Take percentage of Spoils from each mission.

5) Destroy said vessel, via subspace, warpcore, overload device, if it is in immediate danger of capture.

Why sell the ship once, when you have the gift that keeps on giving? Realistically, judging by the amount of these vessels out there, the Ferengi would spend more time, and money, recovering them, than they would make selling them. The whole Lobi consortium is just another Cryptic harebrain that is destroying the game.
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Originally Posted by byzanathos View Post
how likely are you to actually get something good from a lock box? Even the low level ones I get as a newb? Are they worth opening?
Hinges on what your definition of "worth" is. You can make ECs selling most of the stuff on the Exchange. But ECs are largely, a worthless currency anyway, unless you've got millions of them.
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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
I am really hoping for some game breaking stuff stats wise on in these boxes and some good debate. One way you can tell a game is still doing well and players are still interested is when the forums light up with complaints and problems - the more ******** and complaining the better as it tells me that STO is still going strong
Oh gods no, the last thing i want is being forced to be vocal on hot threads because the devs did crap again. We had to do that for almost a month with season 7 (during tribble testing and two weeks after the release). Enough. I just want to play the game, not having ridiculous forum discussions because some genius thought it was smart to release even more OP stuff so that the previous one turns out to be completely outdated.
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I've bought three Master Keys from the C-store before, but I immediately resold them via the exchange for EC to buy Purple BOffs.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots
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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Actually, I think that could work anyway, as a third faction - independent contractors.

Halliburton and Blackwater and what have you, but in space.

Lower tiers - retrofitted freighter, something like a statistically gimped tuffli

Medium tiers - selection of kdf and fed hand-me-downs (preferably with the option of 'worn and battered' armor style)

Top tiers - Maybe a Ferengi vessel, a selection of KDF/FED ships one can get 'on a long lease' (say, a BoP, the patrol escort, a battlecruiser and a dssv) and the lock box ships all factions can get. Definitely put firm restrictions in, as full access to all kdf/fed ships would be both overdoing it and unrealistic - you don't put your most advanced and powerful tech in the hands of contractors. C-store: selection, mostly (based on) older fed/kdf models. Maybe the Breen ship.

Starbases styled in the vein of Drozana, which would serve just fine as a starting point too.

Then, some minor tutorial and access too most Federation missions, minus the black ops arc, seeing as one wouldn't use outside contractors for that, and the FE's. Can queue on both sides in PvP.

Wouldn't require a lot of new assets or programming, would introduce a whole new flavor.


Not going to happen, but an interesting thought experiment.
Why bother playing a game called Star Trek Online, if you'd rather play as something other than Star Fleet? Try EVE Online.
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01-23-2013, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by mkilczewski View Post
Why bother playing a game called Star Trek Online, if you'd rather play as something other than Star Fleet? Try EVE Online.
Why bother with a Klingon mini-faction then? Or ever adding any other non-UFP faction to the game? Not to mention, there have been many episodes and films that have had non-Starfleet characters. Travis Mayweather came from a family of freight runners. Captain Sisko even married a freighter captain. We have seen traders and such on Trek many times.
Dear Devs: I enjoyed the Legacy of Romulus expansion much more than the Delta Rising expansion. For specific reasons why and suggestions for future improvements to STO, please look here.

Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
Anyone calling Valoreah a "Cryptic fanboy" must be new to the forum.
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i don't play EVE for several reasons
- 1: endless leveling system, you will NEVER catch up to the big guys that started years ago
- 2: worst UI EVER, even worse than STOs (so tiny fonts you need to lean forward to read stuff *ugh*)
- 3: i don't know what the hell all the items are, i DO know what a Phaser and a Photon Torpedo is, but in EVE i have no idea what is what, which means more reading up on stuff in tiny fonts...

no thx

would i want to play a Cardassian from Cardassia Prime flying a Galor / Hideki / Keldon class? With a Proper Cardi Uniform... Cardi DOff Assignments and Chains... Cardi Starbase?

Add some real history / story and interesting characters like Garak and Dukat, an interesting Plot to that Faction and heck i'd buy that on a Retail Disc without thinking twice about it.

or a Romulan Faction... or whatever, i don't care as long as its interesting and TREK...

and for realz let me play some actual bad guy faction for a change, the Klingons aren't bad guys at all, the Romulans now have their fed friendly sub faction (if at all we get to play those, no chance at ever playing for the evil Tal Shiar!).... even the Cardies are almost Federation Members now.
Seriously i wonder when the Borg are going to apply for membership in the Federation.
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I'm only sorry Cryptic chose not to keep this sort of stuff for a paid mini-faction expansion. Their selling out the long-term options for short-term gain.
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