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01-23-2013, 05:39 PM
Gday all Rex joined a few months ago and one of the better choices I made in STO (they actually put up with my insanity)
Great fleet and always stuff going on.
In response to a post earlier about the 250K contributions being difficult to acheive a few points:
1: yes we dont do specials at the moment to keep stuff in reserve for the 2 upcoming major projects. That can make getting stuff in for contributions difficult but without this rationing such fast progress would not be possible. Personally I see much greater value in the long term planning that has allowed so many amazing things to be made available when you do reach 250k contribution compare it to a situation where specials are up all the time and the main projects crawl along. A situation where everyone has loads of marks but nothing to spend them on.
2: Yes it takes time to get your 250k built up but it does happen. Like any game where you have to plan and save for stuff (unless your a wallet warrior) and work with other people for long term goals patience is and important thing to have and without earning what you have the rewards can seem reduced and less fulfilling. It took me 3 weeks to get my 250 but it was worth the wait.
3: It weeds out the leaches and users who want rewards without effort. To get something from the fleet you have to put something into it. The idea behind fleets isnt personal gain, to acheive what it has TFS has had masses of players working together to complete the projects.

In the end it comes down to 1 choice:
Do you want to stay without a fleet or in a dead end one where you have no use for your fleet credits OR do you have the patience to wait until you have contributed 250k to get the huge rewards contributing members of TFS have access too.

Its well worth it

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