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Hello All,

The Founding Five are looking for new members to join our fleet. We are like minded adults who are looking for fun mature members. The Founding Five were 5 members of a previous Fleet whose drama and inside politics had gotten too much for them. We believe in a open door policy and open communication, everything will be out in the open. Every member will have full voting rights, with a very few restrictions.


We have split the rank structure in two groups,

Enlisted (3 ranks)
Recruit: This is the very bottom rank. We have a 15 day trial period to see if both parties are good for each other. Also has very little access to Fleet Bank and Stores
Chief: 50,000 Fleet Credits need to be earned for this rank. Has a little more access to the store and bank.
Sergeant:200,000 Fleet Credits need to be earned. More access to Bank and Store

Officer (3 Ranks)
This is a little different then most Fleets. These are based on volunteer basis in the Fleet. If you join we will explain it a little better. We are very excited for this, and we think it's a fair way to to gain access to more supplies without making you go crazy on Fleet Credits or other things.

We have a level 1 Starbase, but are quickly going through Level 2. We have yet to start on our Embassy but it will be on the back burner until we have more members.

Fleet Web Page:

You can check us out at,


Voice Communications:
We use Raid Call when we want to voice chat. It is not mandatory, but you would miss out on some of the funnier jokes.

Please either contact me threw p.m. here or in game email at nexus@smag99 or p.m. me threw smag99 in game.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Join Date: Nov 2012
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01-24-2013, 01:41 PM
I forgot to mention you can post here and I will find you in game. Please leave your handle so I find you easier.

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