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6 disruptor beam arrays
1 romulan experimental beam array
1 borg cutting beam

Target: 9.5km distant

With no attempts to mitigate power drain, average damage with the disruptors was 327.

With plasmonic leech (+2.2 power per hit, max +11) and chained Emergency Power To Weapons 1 (+22 power), average damage with the disruptors was 348.

With plasmonic leech, chained EPTW1, and 4 plasma manifolds (+14 power), average damage with the disruptors was 387.

That should be a total of +47 to weapon power.

With nadion inversion, average damage with the disruptors was 487.

Just to recap, using leech and EPTW chain gained me 6% actual damage, while using every slot available for power consoles got me 18%. Turning off power drain got me 48% more damage.

Problem with beam arrays: power drain is insane and making every sensible effort to mitigate it barely helps.


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