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01-24-2013, 02:05 AM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
And "BC-Central"? Is that BCS-TNG? It's been a while since I reinstalled my copy of STBC and got Kobayashi Maru for it, so I haven't been prowling the BC sites lately.
No, BCS-TNG is totally separate from BC-Central. BCS was only started to give the scripters some-place else to work undisturbed by the community until they felt ready to release.

Be sure you get the correct version of KM. I think the latest KM version is 2010 which had a metric sh*t ton of improvements over the older versions.

In fact, there is a ship building contest taking place on BCC as we speak. Some very interesting ships coming out. All of which are set in the "lost era" (post TMP, pre TNG)
Originally Posted by virusdancer
ARC: A way to Redeem Codes

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