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01-24-2013, 04:25 AM
Originally Posted by wbgron1 View Post
I very rarely post in the forums and just laugh at everyone moaning about how long maintenance takes not just in this thread but all of them.

But Branflakes there are a couple of things I'd love for you and the team to sort out:

1) LAG - I have 60MB BroadBand with Virgin and I suffer huge lag spikes in game. But its not just me, people in my fleet from all over the world have said its got worse and worse in the last 3 months, many of us have written tickets to PWE support ( In game support doesn't work for me never has) with no response. Please have a look at your end of the line, if many of us are suffering then it cant be ISP's - I shouldn't be getting lag with these speeds and pings

2) Myself and a few others have either bought or won weapons that show what they are but when you hover a mouse over them to see descriptions something totally different....

The servers, or rather Cryptics coding is knackered, hence the 5 hour downtime.
I have major lag too sometimes, not mentioning the constant disconnects that have happened over the last few months.
I suspect that the time listed is a more realistic estimate to how long it actually takes, if you include the extra they usually put on top of the normal 3 hours.

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