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Building a Kotra Board at home. Face, sets, dice, its a done deal.
Only, I have NO IDEA how to play KOTRA.

I'm actually not sure if there ever was an established gameplay, or variant, in Canon or Fanon.
All I know is that Garak told Nog that it was a game that favors bold strategy over defensive maneuvering, or "protecting your assets."
I got a good look at it during Empok Nor, and it seems to have ranking pieces, seems like a "capture your opponent's guys" sort of game. I was sure the panel on the First-player's right is some sort of "holding cell" for enemy pieces, but then I realized there was only one of them.
The panel on the first-player's left is adorned with the symbol of Cardassia, so I doubt you would keep dirty prisoners there.

If only I could read Cardassian, all the spots are CLEARLY labeled. Just not in english. They might even be numbers, for all I know.

I know Klin Zha has an establshed gameplay. Does Kotra have one? Or am I going to have to take the **** and come up with my own set of rules?
Or should I just keep it on my desk to look pretty? xD
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# 2 Kotra Rules
01-24-2013, 09:38 PM
Did you make ups some rules yet?

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